Dreamball Draw winners experience magical Lapland!

If you follow Socius on social media and keep an eye on our web stories, you might remember that last year Liam became the first winner of our Dreamball Draw; a way to celebrate project milestones by giving members of our team the opportunity to win an experience of their choice.

Liam’s prize went towards a holiday of a lifetime for him and his family to Jamaica, where his wife and Mother-in-law were reunited with family, after decades apart. Whilst this year’s winners opted for a somewhat chillier climate, their prizes were nothing short of magical!

Victoria Birks, Steve Eccles and Daniel May, all opted to spend their Dreamball Draw winnings on family trips to Lapland. We caught up with each of them to find out more, including some interesting parallels between the ultimate winter wonderland and the world of property…

Victoria in Lapland

Our unforgettable 3-night trip offered an expedition to ‘Search for Santa’ and any expectations a three-year-old (plus 2 adults!) may have about Christmas were well and truly exceeded.

“From the moment we arrived, the -17°C air was filled with excitement. Day one began at apace with an exhilarating husky sled safari through pristine forest trails; the dogs couldn’t be happier and despite the chill we couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces. My highlight was meeting Mrs Claus, who read a story to the children and gave them cookies to keep their energy up. Adding another twist to the adventure was a snowmobile excursion for the grown-ups, while our little one enjoyed playing with the mischievous elves.

“The final day was when the anticipation reached its peak as we finally met Santa, who, miraculously, gave our daughter something straight from her wish list! The look of surprise and wonder on her face was brilliant.

“Our trip to Lapland was nothing short of magical and it truly lives up to its reputation as the ultimate winter wonderland. Our daughter is still laughing about the elves and frequently requests ‘the elf song’ on YouTube which can only make us all smile as we relive the memories over again!”

Steve in Lapland

“Through my volunteering with Round Table my girls (Grace 9, Abi 6) have grown up with Santa being a big part of their life. Every Christmas they help me with our Santa sleigh Christmas collection, where we walk around the streets with Santa in his sleigh, giving out chocolates (often eating more than they give out!) and collecting money for good causes.

“As they’ve grown up, it’s been increasingly difficult to keep the illusion alive, and a visit to Lapland (thank you Socius!) was the perfect way to preserve the magic. I have never seen my kids so speechless as when they met the ‘Big Guy’!

“The whole visit was amazing from start to finish, with all of the focus being on the experience of the children. It really is a well-oiled machine!

“When I think about how I could find parallels with the property world, the key for me is how we get our stakeholders / partners on board with Socius’ vision for our projects. How we create the right narrative, and embed story telling is paramount when demonstrating value. This brings our developments to life, and demonstrates delivery of aligned objectives, with a real focus on value!”

Daniel in Lapland

“Having spent some time reflecting on our amazing trip to Lapland (where my wife and I were as besotted as the kids!), the main ‘takeaway’ for me – if I relate it back to a property world - was the innate understanding of the audience, or customer, that the operator had. Everyone had been considered; kids, parents, grandparents and anyone that was lucky enough to be there.

“The ‘elf helpers’ were always one step ahead – timings that work for children, welcome food stops, warm snow attire, plenty of hot chocolate, seamless travel arrangements, all topped off with the ability to deliver some seriously magical and unforgettable experiences – from start to finish. It made the trip feel like good value for money, because the attention to detail made a big impact on the true customer – the children.

“As we look to deliver highly amenitised and experiential accommodation across a broad spectrum of uses, one thing remains constant – knowing the customer is paramount. Roll on my next Dreamball experience!”

With prizes as epic as this, the question on everyone’s lips is: ‘WHO WILL WIN NEXT’? Keep following Socius and our team on LinkedIn to find out!