Edward Street Quarter delivers more than £15m of local benefits

As we near completion at the newest Brighton development, Socius are proud to announce what social and economic benefits have been delivered since construction began in 2019.

The primary focus to deliver local employment, training opportunities and community support has resulted in spending nearly £12m with local companies, as well as support for neighbouring schools and community projects.

Edward Street Quarter employs the full time equivalent of 87 local people on annual contracts at the redevelopment of the site.

In total 125 young people have been provided with mentoring and careers advice and 100 local people have had the chance to attend industry accredited training courses.

Ten apprenticeships have been delivered in drylining, bricklaying, site management, plumbing, carpentry, civil engineering and training to be an electrician.

Training has also been provided in areas including plant and logistics, for example leading to five local people receiving harness and working at height accreditation, while a further four local people have qualified as hoist passenger and goods operators.

Site supervision was another area where local people received training, with three local people working towards NVQ Level 4 in Construction Site Supervision, while five local people are working towards NVQ Level 6 in Construction Site Management.

Upskilling has also been a focus with eight people currently being upskilled in bricklaying to NVQ Level 2 and 12 people receiving training in bricklaying to NVQ Level 3.

Steve Eccles, Director at Socius, said: “A central element to Edward Street Quarter has always been to bring tangible benefits to the community. Property developments are so much more than bricks and mortar, they are an opportunity to make a positive impact during construction and once the development is complete, by building a better place to live, work and socialise.

“We have focused on employing local residents and using local businesses as part of our supply chain. We continue to support unemployed people of all ages with mentoring programmes and career advice. We also remain committed to making a positive impact in our local community for all residents.

“For example, we’ve contributed time and expertise to a community garden on Edward Street, as well as supporting local befriending schemes to help those who feel marginalised or who are on the periphery of society. And we have assisted local homeless charities and temporary housing schemes.”

Brighton & Hove City Council leader Phélim Mac Cafferty said: “Although historically the city has struggled to provide modern office space to allow companies to grow, the new top spec office space at Edward St will help Creative-Digital-IT (CDIT) companies in the city to grow. It will draw new employers to our shores, which are central to our local recovery.

“Working with the city council, the training programme Socius and McLaren Construction have put in place is supporting skills development, work-experience and providing employment. There has been a concerted effort to create new jobs and training opportunities in the city – particularly around apprenticeships and support for those previously unemployed.

“Even when the redevelopment of the Edward St Qtr is complete, the skills and work-experience these programmes have delivered will be retained in the city. There will be a lasting benefit for the those who have been trained and worked on-site, and for future development projects.”