Healthy planet, healthy places, healthy people

Working on the London cancer hub is a privilege.

The entire project team share a personal passion to work on this scheme. Rarely as a property professional do you get to truly make a difference, but this project allows us as a group of consultants and the client to put our shoulders to the wheel and provide something that the scientists, hospital, and council need additional expertise to help with. We get to provide the conditions and amenities for science to thrive.

The intention for London Cancer Hub is for cancer to be eradicated – a lofty goal. But cancer is something that whilst in the body, also runs through our environments, and so we are always in relationship with our place – whether through water, air, or food. Creating an environment that promotes health and healing is the basis on which this project is founded.

This philosophy differentiates our approach here – that to achieve health and healing, we must work at the planet, local, and person scale. Human wellness is dependent on ecosystem wellness – and to achieve that, we are looking at interrelated systems and opportunities to flourish. The approach to sustainability isn’t one of box ticking certification, but one of holism and interrelated systemic thinking.

Socius have a long history as clients pioneering social impact, and their new B Corp status reflects their commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship. That same culture sets the tone in the project team to strive for excellence. It’s ignited a passion in each of us to play our part in the mission to eradicate cancer, looking to innovate and add something special to this environment.

In my case, I’ve been looking at the role of an apothecary garden as a cure. It’s this approach of working with nature which will, alongside all the other sustainable development processes, create a unique environment to continue the mission to eradicate cancer and live as healthy people, in healthy places, on a healthy planet.