Socius team gears up for the London Marathon to support cancer research

Socius have donned their running shoes to raise money for The Institute of Cancer Research – as members of the ICR's 2024 London Marathon team.

Head of Engagement Liam Ronan-Chlond and Director Daniel May are taking on the iconic course as one of a series of challenges by teams from Socius and colleagues from Aviva.

Socius and Aviva are fundraising for the ICR throughout 2024, after joining the partnership at The London Cancer Hub in Sutton, which is aiming to make Sutton the home of the world’s leading district for cancer research and treatment.

We are currently consulting with local communities to bring together proposals for the five-hectare site at The London Cancer Hub that will consist of labs, commercial workspace, accommodation and local amenities. These spaces aim to attract researchers and scientists from around the world, and accelerate the development of ground-breaking cancer treatments.

Other challenges that Liam, Daniel and their colleagues are set to take on to raise money for cancer research include the RideLondon-Essex bike ride and the Great North Run.

Endurance challenges

For keen runner Liam, the London Marathon is one of a series of endurance trials over the summer. Having reached his training peak of a 20-mile run over the Easter Weekend, he ran the Sheffield Half Marathon as part of his preparations for the big day in the capital this Sunday.

“We’ve all been touched by cancer at some point in our lives,” says Liam, “whether personally or through a family or friend. Sadly, half of us will develop cancer in our lifetimes. That’s why the work of The Institute of Cancer Research is so important.”

Newer runner Daniel’s effort is heroic too – having taken on the challenge just two months before the event.

“In a moment of madness, I agreed to run the London Marathon,” he says, “giving me a total of 65 days of training. I've never run more than 10km, I'm not a massive fan of running, and it's never been on my bucket list!”

You can support Liam and Daniel’s efforts directly through their fundraising pages: Liam and Daniel.

Look out on the ICR’s Twitter/X profile for updates from our team on London Marathon day. You can find out more about The London Cancer Hub on the ICR’s website.

Corporate challenges

If you would like to support the ICR through a corporate partnership, contact Corporate Partnerships Manager Annie Edwards to find out more at