Why doing good is good for business

The value of every member of the Socius team stretches far beyond their successes and achievements at work. That’s why we feel it’s important to encourage our team to share their skills and experiences by ‘giving back’, in their own way and to a cause that means something special to them.

As a people-centred developer, we’re always keen to support charitable organisations, community initiatives and local groups and in order to embed this ethos and ‘practice what we preach’, we provide every member of staff with two ‘giving back days’ per year, to be spent on an activity or good cause of their choosing.

From coaching the local football team to volunteering at their local Healthy Walks scheme, there are so many ways that our team is making a difference in their local communities.

We encourage as many businesses as possible to do this and here are some simple reasons why:

Each month we’ll be sharing stories from the Socius team about how they’ve been using their giving back days to make a difference to local communities. Keep an eye out for our Director, Daniel May’s blog post coming very soon…