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Dedicated to sustainable development, Arup are a collective of 18,000 designers, advisors and experts working across 140 countries.

With a focus on developing a truly sustainable built environment, Arup's have worked on some of the most high-profile places in the world, including The Francis Crick Institute, British Library, Astra Zeneca Campus in Cambridge and Princeton University, United States.

Socius works closely with Arup on their research and development expertise; most recently exploring how to create, develop and nurture ecosystems beyond the physical spaces of laboratories.

Together, we have worked to better understand the complex interactions between people, spaces and contexts, and how the spaces we create can respond meaningfully to these diverse requirements and desires.

Arup's have published a report called ‘Future of Labs’ which provides a review of key trends shaping the future of scientific research that will be of use to planners, designers and administrators involved in laboratory design projects.