About Socius

Socius is a developer of mixed-use places. We anticipate the socio-economic trends that impact how we live, work and travel. We use this as the catalyst to create and reshape places.

Our ideas for delivering change are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. We are part of a movement that fundamentally believes that we need to maximise the use of the scarce resources that we have. This ambition drives us to seek out opportunities where we can creatively reimagine and rethink places to deliver long lasting change.

Change must deliver positive impact - that is our starting point. We are fixated with delivering local, social and environmental impact to the community, to customers, to investors and to future generations.

We are in the process of achieving B Corporation status to secure external certification for our socially and environmentally responsible practices such as energy, waste, diversity and corporate transparency.

Our team is vastly experienced across a range of property sectors including offices, residential, retail and leisure.

The Board have over 150 years of combined development experience and have delivered some of the most high-profile developments in the south of England.

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