Populate provides a vital 'customer oriented' role in shaping Socius developments and in supporting the long-term investor in creating a successful management regime which allows the buildings and spaces to maximise their potential.

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People's expectations about the space that they occupy has fundamentally changed. Where once a developer's role stopped at the 'bricks & mortar', it now very much extends into the experience that it provides, and the services that it must deliver.

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Tenants have become customers, and customers insist on having their needs met. Access to amenities and green credentials are a given, but these customers also want to be part of a wider community that reflects their values and can support them in achieving their objectives.

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Employers expect their landlord to help them attract talent, encourage workplace attendance, and allow them to present their premises as an extension of their brand.

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None of this happens by chance, and Populate ensures that the quality of place and experience is embedded into the thinking and design of developments at an early stage. Working alongside the development team, Populate provides 'place management' services to support the creation of place and the establishment of the management team which will ensure its long-term success.