Diversity, equity and inclusion in the real estate industry

We believe that to build inclusive spaces, the real estate industry has to bring more diverse voices to the table at the design phase. That’s what our executive director, Olaide Oboh recently told IPE Real Assets writer, Maha Khan Phillips, when they met to discuss the important role DEI plays in development.

Quoted in the November/December issue of the magazine, Olaide says: “I am a massive advocate of having a balance in the room when you’re making key design decisions.

“You have to make sure you’re open and listening,” she says. “Find the users, don’t make assumptions based on your own experiences. Go through the numbers, look at what the biggest industries are in the area and what some of the challenges are.”

At Socius, we engage and listen and partner with organisations to ensure that the places we create meet the needs of people at different life stages.

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