Steve Eccles is committed to ‘giving back’ to communities

When Socius added ‘giving back days’ to its long list of employee benefits, director Steve Eccles knew exactly how he would be using his! Already a board member and director of the National Association of Round Tables in Great Britain and Ireland, Steve was excited at the prospect of being able to give even more of his time to delivering positive impact in communities.

In our latest ‘giving back’ blog, Steve shares his community impact experience and tells us why he’s so proud to be a member of the Round Table Family.

The Round Table has a long history of making a difference in the community, as well as having a positive impact on men’s mental health. Founded in 1927, there are now 30,000 members in 60 countries Worldwide. That’s A LOT of friends coming together to ‘do more good’!

But we don’t stop there, the Round Table works with partner organisations to create even more community impact, including Ladies Circle (for women between 18 and 45), 41 Club (for men over 40), and Tangent (for women over 40). Collectively, we’re referred to as the Round Table Family.

At a local level, my club is made up of 18 members and we work together to run a series of events and workshops for our team, as well as organising and hosting several significant charity fundraisers.

Recently, these have included; a concert night, which raised approximately £5,000 for our nominated charity; our annual soapbox race, which is the largest independent soapbox race in the UK and attracts 25-30,000 people each year, and raises over £50,000 annually for nominated charities and local good causes; an annual beer festival, which raises £20,000; the town fireworks and bonfire, raising approx. £25,000 each year; and a Santa sleigh over 20 nights in December, which raises around £10,000 every Christmas.

Overall, this equates to approx. £110,000 in charitable giving every year, not to mention the huge number of volunteer hours donated.

To help demonstrate the incredible value the Round Table delivers, last year we commissioned our first-ever Impact Study. In April 2022, the Round Table Story Based Impact Report was published, which revealed that, Nationally, the organisation has raised around £4 million and contributed 160,000 hours of volunteering time to charities and community organisations.

I’m proud to be a part of an organisation that has such a significant impact on so many lives, and I’m grateful to work for Socius, an impactful developer, whose values align so neatly with those of the Round Table. This shared vision to deliver more social impact has enabled me to do even more great work within and for communities.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Round Table or would like to get involved in helping your community, visit

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