National Tree Week: Tree Donations at Parker’s Piece

To celebrate National Tree Week last week, members of the Devonshire Gardens project team visited Parker’s Piece in Cambridge to check in on the growth of the saplings that Railpen, alongside development manager Socius, sponsored last year as part of Cambridge City Council’s Trees for Streets initiative.

The six trees, which line the northeast side of the park, coupled with our commitment to establish a new public park and community garden at Devonshire Gardens – the mixed-use development set for the brownfield site on Devonshire Road – will result in a significant net increase of nearly 400% in biodiversity.

Richard van Lente, Senior Property Asset & Development Manager at Railpen, said: “Sustainability and environmental stewardship are core values and principles shared by Railpen and Socius. Trees play a crucial role in sustaining our planet, providing habitats and food for wildlife, improving mental wellbeing, and improving air quality in urban areas. We’re pleased that we are able to play a part in expanding the tree canopy across the city and we look forward to introducing even more throughout the city with our Devonshire Gardens and Botanic Place developments.”

The new public park and shared community gardens at Devonshire Gardens, with accessible, open, and inclusive areas, will account for more than half of the new site. A varied planting design is planned for the space, incorporating shared community planting areas, fruit trees and other edible plants, while also supporting the addition of new habitats such as bird boxes and insect hotels.

For more information on National Tree Week, visit to access resources and information.