Our B Corp Journey

Did you know that March is B Corp month?

Every year, B Lab and the global B Corp Community join together to celebrate everything it means to be a B Corp, raising awareness of the movement across the world. This year, Socius is proud to be celebrating the month as a B Corp Business.

B Corporation certification presents Socius with an opportunity for continuous learning; a chance to draw on the experiences and expertise of others within our sector and wider industries, and to ensure that we’re always delivering a ‘Best in Class’ product to our customers.

In the development industry we often have to make difficult decisions, and B Corp guidance acts as a critical friend, helping us to stay focussed on how we continue to strike the right balance between profit and purpose, and providing some guiding principles to inform our decision making.

Our B Corp journey goes beyond the capabilities of the Socius team; we’re engaging a wide network of professional partners to help them understand our social impact priorities. Working together, we will continuously find areas for improvement and professional development.

Find out more about B Corp Month at here.