MK Gateway team saves 1,500 heritage plants

Since we received planning consent for a new mixed-use development on the site of Saxon Court in Milton Keynes, we’ve been taking action to find new homes for the atrium’s 1,500 heritage plants.

Saving more than 2 tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide per plant, from being created and released into the atmosphere, the MK Gateway project is already a huge environmental success story. Working in partnership with Milton Keynes City Council and Tiny Jungle, the fascinating collection of plants, some of which are more than 40-years-old, includes everything from small shrubs to a 5m tall Crane flower.

New homes for these plants have been found with Milton Keynes’ residents, businesses and charities, including the much-loved local charity, Willen Hospice, who selected plants from Saxon Court for its new Wellbeing Centre.

Steve Eccles, Director at Socius, says: “We're so proud to have rehomed all of these vitally important legacy plants for Milton Keynes. We estimate that saving these plants has meant we’ve stopped over 2 tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide per plant being created and released into our atmosphere. We would like to say thank you to everyone who stepped forward to make that happen.”

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